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What influences the cost of a bike?


Have you decided to buy a best mountain bikes under 500? You may encounter not only a variety of models for different riding styles, but also a very wide price range.

Bicycles are like cars: the same model can cost differently. At times, the difference in price of the same model can reach several times. The main reason for such a difference in the cost of cars is equipment. In the case of bicycles, equipment seriously affects the price, but there are a number of factors that we will tell you about.

Frame material

All bikes have a similar design, which is based on the frame. This element of the bike is considered the most important. Often you will hear the phrase “frame rolls” or “frame does not roll,” – these expressions, of course, mean how easily the bike rolls together, and it is not necessarily the frame.

Bicycle frames are made of different materials, which differ in stiffness on twisting (affects sports characteristics), plasticity, vibration resistance (affects comfort) and weight (affects the overall weight and, consequently, the ride quality of the bike).

The most common and inexpensive modern material from which the frame is made is an aluminum alloy. Usually, different manufacturers indicate the brand of aluminum alloy (type AL6061 or AL6000), which speaks about the characteristics of the alloy (rigidity and structure, as well as heat treatment). In principle, all aluminum frames are inexpensive, versatile, relatively light and fairly durable.

Transmission (equipment)

If the frames of all the bikes are different (at least according to the manufacturers), then all the transmissions are the same. Basically, two companies produce transmissions for bicycles: SRAM (Taiwan) and Shimano (Japan). Each company has transmissions for mountain and road bikes, and all transmissions are divided into several levels (from basic to super-professional equipment).

Accessories (including wheels)

The price of the bike, in addition to the frame material and transmission level, is influenced by the installed components (steering wheel, steering wheel, saddle, seatpost) and, of course, the level of the mounted wheels. Good components and light, knurling wheels will allow the bike to ride more comfortably and efficiently, even if the bike is not equipped with the highest group of transmission equipment. Modern bikes are equipped with various components that differ in weight, reliability, rigidity (as is the case with the frame). Light and hard branded wheels assembly will cost more and will be installed on bicycles of 100,000 rubles. Cheap wheels assembled from individual components (bushes, spokes and rims) can be found on simple bikes. Well, the most top bikes are equipped with lightweight racing vilsets (from wheelset – a set of wheels),