Myth, Lore, Legends, and Heroes

Holland Rae, Writer

I recently finished the novel Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller, the story of Achilles’s and Patrocles’s eternal love that ultimately led to the end of the Trojan War. The story is brilliant, beautiful and incredibly told and when I was planning the next creative writing course for my students, it only made sense to bring up the great myths and legends of history.


Every society, civilization, and family has its own mythos. Some are grand–the story of Hercules’ Twelve Labors, Arthur pulling the sword from the lake. Some are important for their simplicity, a family tale that has evolved over generations, the memories attached to an item, a story of two people meeting in time.

Whether we write fantasy, folklore, paranormal stories or contemporary books set in the modern day, we will use the same devices and themes found in mythology, legend, and lore in our writing, albeit in…

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False teeth

They haunted Me, those false teeth, Grandma left in a sideboard drawer. They continued chattering dreadfully, Just as grandma did before. Before, that was;She lost those teeth That once were kept In a little glass jar. "It's not what you look like" Granny said; Though,I couldn't help thinking,it was so bizarre. I really believed,they'd come … Continue reading False teeth


The trees gossip In the evening breeze Whilst deer graze under The forest pine. A fox stands stationary upon a hill Ears pricked up Sniffing the air of dusk. A weasel quickly takes a slurp Of the cold refreshing spring As a wood pigeon Fans its tail feathers Trying to whoo its prospective Mate. A … Continue reading Nature


By the light, of the sensual moon, Her skin,matched the colour of the gilded Sand. Shadows,mirroring the gleam In her deep blue eyes. Her pert,sand duned breasts Reflecting in the calm,crystalline Waters of the ocean deep. I walked towards her, With a longing,to run my fingers Through her ivy clad locks, Along her curvilineal  buttox- … Continue reading Sand


Raindrops falling upon leaves, making the sound of a metronome. Hollow wood,and tree frogs Hiding, under green moss- A soggy quagmire. Nature is woven,like a spiders web Working together,to make the cloak we call Life. I only hope,We don't get wet!

The garden

Tears slide down the window, the rusted latch hanging hopelessly in its state of decay. The garden dying,fading,wasting away. Tools lined up like soldiers awaiting their final orders against the garden wall, that never come. Old gloves lying upon the compost heap A stark reminder of those hands,those rotting hands,that once tended this land with … Continue reading The garden

The mole

The Mole Never looks back, What with having Poor sight and limited brain And all .. It keeps ploughing - on Using its nature given tools Searching for food And digging up people's lawns. Although in darkness, For most of the time. It eventually breaks through to the daylight. What am I trying to say … Continue reading The mole